Friday, 4 November 2011

Low Calorie Cooking-5



1 sliced Onion (Pyaj)
1 tsp Turmeric (Haldi)
1 tblsp Oil
1 tsp Fenugreek Seeds (Methi)
1 tsp Cumin Seed (Jeera)
1 tsp Aniseed (Saunf)
1/2 tsp Onion Seeds (Kalonji)
200 gms Brinjals (Biangan)
10 gms chopped Green Chilly (Hari Mirch)
100 gms Red and Yellow Capsicum cut into strips
500 gms chopped Cabbage (Pata gobi)
1 tblsp Vinegar
150 gms French Beans (Flas Beans)
Sugar ( or Artificial Sweetner) To Taste

How to make sweet and sour vegetables:

Heat oil in a pan and fry the onions till they turn transparent.
Add fenugreek, cummin, aniseed and onion seeds and fry for a minute.
Add turmeric and chillies.
Stir in cauliflower, cabbage and sugar (artificial sweetner).
Cover and cook on a low flame for 5 to 7 minutes.
Add pepper strips and sprinkle vinegar on top.
Cook for a further 5 minutes till the vegetables are tender.

                    VEG SALAD WITH YOGURT DIP


1/4 cup Mint leaves
4 cloves Garlic
8-10 Cherry Tomatoes
3 medium Carrots
1 medium White Radish
4 Red Radish
8-10 leaves Ice lettuce
2 medium Cucumbers
4 cups Skimmed Milk Yogurt
1/4 tsp Sesame Seeds (white)
1 tsp Lemon Juice
Salt to taste

How to make veg salad with yogurt dip:

Wash the cherry tomatoes & cut them into halves.
Peel carrots, wash & cut it into finger sized pieces. peel white radish, wash & cut into finger sized pieces.
Clean mint leaves, wash and reserve some leaves for decoration and chop the remaining. peel & chop garlic finely.
Wash red radish & quarter each. wash lettuce leaves & soak in chilled water. peel cucumber, wash and cut into finger sized pieces.
Hang skimmed milk yogurt in a muslin cloth to remove excess water. toast the sesame seeds lightly & cool.
Combine thick yogurt with chopped mint, lemon juice, white sesame seeds & garlic. mix thoroughly. add salt to taste and chill.
Just before serving drain the lettuce leaves and spread on a serving plate, arrange the prepared vegetables decoratively and serve with the chilled dressing.

                                 TOAST FANTASY RECIPE


1 big sized Bread Slice
30 gms Potato (Aloo)
25 gms French Beans (Flas Beans)
20 gms Peas (Matar)
20 gms Carrot (Gajar)
20 gms Cabbage (Patha gobi)
1/4 tsp Lime or Lemon Juice (Nimbu)
1/4 tsp Mango Powder (Amchur)
1/4 tsp Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste

How to make toast fantasy:

Boil potato, mash and keep aside. boil green peas.
Cut french beans and carrot into very small cubes and boil together.
Mix all the vegetables together.
Add salt, pepper powder, lemon juice and mango powder.
Grease the baking tray with oil.
Place the bread on the tray and apply the vegetable mixture on it.
Bake on medium temperature (160 to 175 degree c) until golden brown.
Cut the cabbage finely and saute in ¼ tsp oil for a few seconds.
Serve the toast hot with the cabbage and chutney over it.

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